About Us

The story of this business really does have two beginnings that crossed paths early 2015.

Giftware Agencies has been long established in Western Australia opening its doors in the very early 90’s with humble beginnings as a home business with the strength and supports of a well established Australian product line, Buckley & Phillips. ¬†While its start was small it soon grew to a well known business supplying many outlets, primarily in the Southwest of Western Australia.

Over the years Giftware Agencies has offered many brands and product ranges, amalgamating with other distributors and sales agencies but the strength of its foundation has always been found in its honour and belief in the aromatic industry.

Giftware Agencies now prides itself as being one of WA’s longest standing aromatic distributors acting as an extension of its eastern states manufacturers and offering a portal for them into the WA market place.

We remain as we always have, a family owned and operated business.

We can’t wait to work with you

xx Kelly and India