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Meet the family

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Huskee has created an innovative, reusable coffee cup that is revolutionising the way take-away coffee and disposable cups work. For both the coffee-drinker and the café-owner, disposable paper or plastic cups are a hugely wasteful component and ultimately contribute to landfill. Reusable coffee cups can help alleviate this issue, but it’s so easy to leave it at home in the morning rush. Also let’s not forget that most reusable cups are made from plastic, themselves and do eventually need to be thrown out. HuskeeCup is here to change all of that.

The HuskeeCup is made primarily from recycled husks of beans, a by-product of coffee processing that would otherwise be discarded by growers. Thanks to a clever finned design, these husks come together to form a cup which is more chip-resistant than ceramic, and more heat-retentive than glass. The result is a durable and reliable reusable coffee cup, free from BPA or other hazardous chemicals. Huskee’s brand new way of thinking has earned accolades among championship baristas and the Specialty Coffee Association, so it is sure to change your morning routine for the better.

Café owners that have adopted HuskeeCups love how easy they are to use. Cups come in four sizes (6oz, 8oz, 12oz and 16oz) which all fit snugly on a uniformly sized saucer, and can instantly transform into a takeaway cup with the addition of a universal lid. The cups come in natural and charcoal colours and are very Instagram-worthy, and suit any café’s décor. You can be reassured that Huskee’s cups are designed to last for years, thanks to their sturdy design which has been tried and tested in rigorous environments. They are dishwasher safe, and also stack neatly on any counter or coffee machine.