What is HuskeeSwap?

HuskeeSwap is Huskee’s cup exchange system, which is designed to make reusable coffee cups more convenient and enable cafes to transition away from single-use disposable cups.
It’s FREE to join HuskeeSwap for all users once they have purchased a HuskeeCup and Lid.

I'm a Cafe Owner - How does HuskeeSwap work?

HuskeeSwap is simple, here is how HuskeeSwap can help

- FAQ -

What if a customer brings back a damaged cup or lid?

Put damaged cups or lids aside and serve the customer as per usual.

We will work with you on the recollection and repurposing of end of life HuskeeCups, as well as the restocking of your float. This is part of the HuskeeLoop program. Just contact Emma at

Why should my cafe join HuskeeSwap?

Here are some of the reasons to jump on board with HuskeeSwap:

  • Reduce the ongoing cost of disposables
  • Reduce waste with a closed-loop system
  • Increase bar flow efficiency of reusable cups
  • Improve hygiene and reduce cross-contamination risk of reusable cups
  • Increase retail sales & gain new customers
  • Sophisticated drinking experience
  • Streamlined, universal cafe inventory

To ask us any questions (or join the community of participating cafes!) contact Emma at

Do I need to give the customer back the same HuskeeCup (colour/size) that they checked in?

We do not require that customers receive the same size or colour HuskeeCup back as the one they checked in.

Just like with single-use cups, customers simply get a HuskeeCup that suits the beverage size they order. There also needs to be a degree of flexibility with colours (charcoal or natural) as cafes are not in control of what colours are swapped in.

If a customer specifically requests the same colour or size, it will be at your discretion which cup you supply.

Do customers have to be HuskeeSwap members to swap?

Right now, the only thing a customer needs to be able to swap is a HuskeeCup and Lid.  

How many cups do I need?

To get started as a HuskeeSwap site, you will need to carry a ‘float’ of HuskeeCups to swap with customer cups, as well as HuskeeCups available for your customers to buy. These are our recommendations:

Float stock: the exact float amount can be scaled to suit the needs of your cafe, however, we recommend 12 cups and lids. To facilitate new HuskeeSwap Cafes we have discounted bundles available.

Retail Stock: In addition to the float purchase, you’ll need stock available for retail sale. For a coffee drinker to enter the system, they need to either bring their existing HuskeeCup or buy one from you. We want to make sure all our HuskeeSwap locations have stock ready for sale to ensure any interested coffee drinker can join the system straight away!

The minimum we recommend is 12 retail cup and lid combo boxes to mirror the float and provides a good presence for retail customers.

There are no other associated costs or fees.

Does HuskeeCup effect flavour?

Drinking from a HuskeeCup will not effect the flavour of your beverage. 

It is however recommend washing new HuskeeCups twice before first use. 

Is HuskeeCup microwave safe?

Huskee has done testing on limited cycles and it is safe to do so.

However repeated use in a microwave is not recommended.

Is HuskeeCup dishwasher friendly?

Yes! HuskeeCup is dishwasher friendly including the cup, lid, seal and saucer. Plus, there are grooves in the base of HuskeeCup that function as channels for liquid to drain instantly after a dishwashing cycle.

What’s the best way to clean and care for HuskeeCups?

HuskeeCups need to be cared for differently than ceramics or glass as they are a much softer material. Please follow the below advice to ensure you have longer-lasting cups.

The most hygienic and efficient way to clean HuskeeCup’s is to put them through a dishwasher to ensure that they are washed at a minimum temperature and are correctly sanitised. We advise that there aren’t any sharp objects loosely packed with HuskeeCup’s due to the ability of them to potentially damage the surface of the cup.
If you do not have a dishwasher, you can manually sanitise by following advice from the Australian Food Standards here or can efficiently clean your HuskeeCup by:
  1. Using a damp microfibre cloth with a small amount of detergent can be used to help remove stubborn marks.
  2. For tough stains or odours, soak HuskeeCup’s in a tub of hot water with 1 tsp of espresso machine cleaner per cup, for 8 hours/overnight.
We highly advise NOT to use abrasive cleaners such as a scourer, as this will reduce the lifespan and permanently damage your HuskeeCup.
If you are a cafe, download the FREE cleaning protocols of HuskeeCup for your staff.

Is HuskeeCup hot to hold?

No. HuskeeCup’s material increases the cup’s thermal retention properties, whilst it’s fins protect your hands from the heat of the drink by minimising the surface area your hands come into contact with!

In short, you get to enjoy hotter coffee for longer!


Please note: You should be careful drinking hot liquid, as the cups can disguise the heat.

What are HuskeeCup’s Dimensions?

How to get Started?

Giftware Agencies - Perth

Giftware Agencies is Huskee’s Western Australian distributor, based in Perth. 

Emma will be more than happy to meet and/or discuss which HuskeeSwap bundle option will be the most suitable and to help set your cafe up for success.



  • Free delivery for HuskeeCup orders in Perth
  • Receive stock within 24 – 48 hours in Perth
  • Order your desired quantities, sizes & colours, instead of pre-set box quantities
  • Receive support as a Retailer, Dine-in or HuskeeSwap Cafe

- Wholesale Distributor for Western Australia -